Open Dr Rebhun is an expert tax professional and an incredibly compassionate person. In early 1995, a few months after my father passed away unexpectedly, the IRS contacted my mom to let her know that she owed tens of thousands of dollars from the prior year when my father was still alive & my parents had filed their joint tax return. It was an extremely difficult time. My mom was very distraught and didn't know who to contact. Thank goodness that my mom was referred to Dr Rebhun by a neighbor in Newport. Even though it was many years ago, I clearly remember how intelligent, soft-spoken & knowledgeable Dr Rebhun is...she helped my mom to resolve her tax issue for a fraction of the original amount & she took her valuable time to explain complex tax laws to my mom and I in layperson's terms.
With all of her education & brilliance, she was never condescending nor hurried. In fact, Dr Rebhun has an amazingly calm demeanor that put us at ease...at a time when it was very much needed.
Dr Rebhun is the ONLY professional I would contact if I had any questions or an issue with Federal or State taxes.
She is an expert in her field who is also a kind soul. A very rare combination of wonderful traits/gifts!!
I can't thank her enough for helping my mom & I through a very tough time with professionalism, integrity, honesty & caring. Close
- Steph M. - Turtle Rock, CA
Open As a professional engineer, MBA, and PhD myself I can unequivocally attest that Dr. Joyce Rebhun is the absolute best tax expert I have had the privilege of working with over the past 30 years. Dr. Rebhun has encyclopedic knowledge of the vast body of Federal and State tax law, and she is highly expert in dealing with the taxation authorities in a non-confrontational, expert, professional manner that has won their admiration and respect. Over the years, all of this has translated in my saving hundreds of thousands of dollars that I didn't owe but which nevertheless the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board wanted to collect. If Dr. Rebhun agrees to represent you consider yourself very, very lucky. Close
- Michael G. - Beverly Hills, CA
Open Joyce Rebhun has done my taxes and those of countless of my friends since I found her in 1989. She is a very ethical, compassionate CPA and Tax Attorney. She has saved us countless hours of frustration dealing with the IRS. She is a stellar human being.

I have never had a complaint from anyone that I recommended Joyce to. I will never have anyone else do my taxes! Thank you Joyce from the bottom of my heart. Close
- Carolyn L C. - Newport Beach, CA
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